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How to Make Cruise and Charter Reservations

What we will do for you

SmallShipCruises.com is the biggest website in the world on small ships so you learn about all the small ships at the destination you want, not just a few. We work with specialists who know small ships all over the world and will handle your reservation with personal knowledge.

We will check availabilities, search for special offers, and get you the best cabin for the best price. You will never pay more than what you would get by going direct to the cruise line. (Please do not use us to research your information then book with someone else. Making bookings is how we keep our website running.)

Tell us the cruise you want, whether you prefer: luxury - $500 and up/day; medium price - $300 to $500/day; or budget - less than $300/day. And tell us when you would like to go plus your name, email and phone number and we will contact you with availabilities and best prices and get you booked.

     1.  Fill in the Cruise Request below; or if you prefer, call 1-773-425-1130 (toll-free 1-888-492-0225)or email us at cruisesmallships@aol.com with your name, phone and details of what you want.
     2.  Sit back and relax while experts go to work to find availabilities.
     3. They will contact you as soon as possible on cruise availabilities and then will reserve your cabin at the best possible price.

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Preferences (Check all that apply)

Medium Price
1-10 Passengers
10-100 Passengers
100-500 Passengers
More than 500
Sail Ship
Dive Boat
River Boat
Expedition Wildlife

Other details or needs  

If you do not receive an answer to your request within 24 hours, email us at Linde@smallshipcruises.com
We look forward to working with you and providing you with a wonderful cruise experience!


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