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Cruises: Arctic, Antarctica, Baltic Sea, Greenland, Norway


Passenger Capacity: 189
Former Name: Song of Flower, Le Diamant
Officers and Crew:  Mostly European
  • Itinerary: The ship cruises Antarctica and South Georgia, Falkland Islands
  • Cabins: 113. All cabins are outside with a port.  There are single, double and triple cabins, ranging from approximately 200 square feet to 400 square feet and all cabins include a private bathroom with shower, flat-screen TV, DVD player, individual temperature controls.
  • Dining: Dinner is single seating.
  • Facilities and Activities: This is an expedition ship. There is camping, kayaking, mountaineering, snowshoeing. Expedition leaders and guides. Photography program. There is a massage and wellness program and a library with a large collection of polar books and DVD’s in many languages. An “Expert in Residence” program will enable polar researchers, scientists, historians and other experts to conduct field work from the ship and will be accessible to passengers. A physician is on board.
  • Recent Fares Reported to Us: Fares start at $3,995. Early booking discounts.

Passenger Capacity: 128
Built: 2008

  • Itinerary: There are 16 and 17-day cruises in the Arctic and other destinations.

  • Cabins: 64. All cabins are outside with windows that open and have tv and dvd player.  Some suites have tub and refrigerator.

  • Facilities and Activities: This is an expedition icebreaker vessel and can navigate in rugged environments.  Russian-built, it has a spoon-shaped bow and can break through ice 9 ft. thick. It is driven by two nuclear reactors. The salon is a presentation room during the day and is a place to dance and socialize in the evening. There is an indoor pool and two saunas, a gym.

  • Recent Fares Reported to Us:  All zodiac exploration is included in the cost of the cruise.

Passenger Capacity: 112
Built: 1991
Former Names: Spirit of Oceanus, Renaissance V, Sun Viva, Megastar Sagittarius

Length: 295 ft.
Beam: 50 ft.
Draft: 13 ft.
Officers and Crew: International 
  • Itinerary:  There are cruises to Antarctica and, South America from Ushuaia, Argentina.
  • Cabins: 57. All are outside and have air conditioning and a private bath with shower; 12 upper-deck suites have a private balcony.
  • Dining: The dining room has open seating.
  • Dress:  Casual or resort wear in the evenings. No formal nights.
  • Facilities and Activities: The center of activity is the observation lounge, where  lectures on culture and natural history are given. There is a  library with books and videos about the people and the regions visited. Zodiac launches take guests to shore.
  • Recent Fares Reported to Us:  20-night Antaarctiica cruise from $16,999 per person double occupancy. 

(Sometimes chartered by Cruise North Expeditions and other cruise companies)
Passenger Capacity: 122
Built: 1975
Former Names: Alla Tarasova
Length: 330 ft.
Beam: 53.5 ft.
Draft: 16 ft.
Officers: International
Staff and Crew: 60, American and Filipino

  • Itinerary: Cruises in Antarctica and Falkland Islands November through February. Spring cruises of South America. Summer in Mediterranean, Western Europe, England, Ireland, Iceland, Greenland, and Arctic Canada.

  • Cabins: 61. All cabins are outside and have lower beds, private bath with shower and individual temperature control. The owner's suite has a bathtub. Some cabins have pullmans for a third person.

  • Dining: One seating. Cuisine is American and Continental, and regional foods are incorporated into the menus to make dining a part of the sense of places visited.  Every afternoon there are freshly baked chocolate-chip cookies, called Clipper Chippers. Special diets can be accommodated with advance notice. 

  • Dress: Casual and comfortable. At the captain's party men usually wear sports jackets, and women pantsuits or cocktail dresses. A parka is issued on Arctic and Antarctic expeditions.

  • Facilities and Activities: This is an expedition vessel and can navigate in rugged environments, having an ice-hardened hull, classified A-1 ice class. It formerly was a Russian cruise ship. There is lots of varnished wood and brass throughout the ship. There is a main lounge that seats 130, a separate lounge for 45, and a library/card room. A covered promenade has a deck of varnished pine. There is a gymnasium, hair salon, infirmary with full-time physician, laundry service. The ship has an open bridge policy. Historians, naturalists and other experts accompany the cruises. There are 10 motorized landing craft for exploration. Passengers often go by zodiac to small islands and nature preserves with onboard naturalists or local guides.

  • Recent Fares Reported to Us:  All zodiac exploration is included in the cost of the cruise.

Passenger Capacity: 108
Built: 1981
Length: 402 ft.
Beam: 87 ft.
Draft: 28 ft.
Elevator: 1
Officers and Crew: Russian
  • Itinerary: Arctic and Antarctica on 23 and 25-day voyages.
  • Cabins: 61. All are outside, have two lower berths and private bath with shower.
  • Dining: There is one seating.
  • Dress: Casual
  • Facilities and Activities: This is an icebreaker. There is a lounge, library, sauna, and gym. There is an open bridge policy except in port. There are lectures on areas visited and English-speaking expedition guides who accompany zodiac excursions.
Passenger Capacity: 82, 96
Former Name: Ocean Nova was Sarpik Ittuk
Built: 1992, renovated 2000, 2006
  • Itinerary: Antarctica, Greenland, Baltic Sea, Norway
  • Cabins: 42, 44. All cabins are outside.
  • Facilities and Activities: This is an expedition ship with an ice-strengthened hull.

Antarctica Air-Cruise (without Drake Passage) -- You can take a plane from Punta Arenas to the ship. The plane carries 62 passengers and is built to land on short runways, essential in Antarctica.  The Antarctic fly and cruise program saves travelers approximately 100 hours of sailing time when compared to traditional expeditions. Travelers board the expedition vessel in Antarctica on King George Island. The 8-day, Antarctic Fly and Cruise program is available in December and January.  Recent fares reported to us: per person, including the roundtrip Antarctic flight, $8,990 for triple occupancy and USD$9,990 for twin occupancy.

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