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Amazon, Indonesia, Antarctica, Greek Islands

International Expeditions handles trips for many zoos, museums and conservation organizations.  In 1991 they established a foundation to counteract misuse and exploitation of rainforest habitats and to help provide funding for the Amazon Center for Environmental Education and Research (ACEER), a facility located in a protected Amazon wilderness area.

Passenger Capacity: 24
Officers: Peru
Staff and Crew: Peru

  • Itinerary: After one night in Lima, eight-day expedition cruise starts just south of the equator at Iquitos in Peru, 2,300 miles from the Amazon’s mouth where the Amazon branches into the Ucayali and Pacaya tributary rivers intoremote locations of the rainforest. The river is narrow and the shores are close. Several villages of river and rainforest people are visited, but most of the area is scarcely inhabited except for wildlife. The boat returning downstream passes through the region in daylight that was cruised during the night going upstream. The itineraries vary depending on river conditions and the interests of the passengers.
  • Cabins: 12. Cabins are outside with picture windows, are air-conditioned and have a private bath with shower.
  • Dining: The dining room has large windows. There is single open seating. Cuisine is international with fresh vegetables, fruit, fish and other local produce. Vegetarian and other diets are available.
  • Facilities and Activities: Aquamarina goes to the headwaters of the Amazon above Iquitos where most boats stop. English-speaking Peruvian guides accompany passengers on shore excursions. Slide shows are shown. Passengers are singles and couples of all ages who have the common interest of birding and other wildlife and environmental conservation and preserving nature for future generations. Children are welcome on most expeditions and there sometimes are special departures for students and families. Naturalist guides accompany boat and shore excursions with passengers observing wildlife, hiking in the jungle, and visiting  river and forest villages. Each passenger receives comprehensive information about the destination with wildlife checklists and reading suggestions. In the low water season, there is more jungle hiking. High water season has mostly boat excursions. Mosquitoes are worse during low water season; during high water season they were not a problem. Assume that it will rain sometime every day all year round. Temperatures are similar to southern Florida in the summer.
  • Recent Fares Reported to Us: Rainforest cruise including hotel in Lima (and sometimes air) is from $3,398. Optional extensions offered are by air to Cusco and Machu Picchu and the Inca fortress of Sacsahuaman or by speedboat (3 1/2 hours) down the Amazon to the Amazon Center for Environmental Education and Research (ACEER) on the Napo River and a walk on aerial pathways and platforms 10 stories high in the treetop canopy.  Discount for group (15 persons). Sometimes there are no single supplements.

International Expeditions also charters small ships for cruise and land tours of the Greek isles and Turquoise Coast and of Indonesia, including Bali and Komodo Island National Park.

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