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Galapagos Islands
Passenger Capacity: 20
Built: 1990, 1991
Length: 83  ft.
Beam: 24 ft.
Draft: 4 ft.
Officers: Ecuadorian
Staff and Crew: 10, Ecuadorian

  • Itinerary: The yachts do 7-night itineraries of the Galapagos Islands from San Cristobal. Itinerary A visits the Southern & Central islands stopping at La Galapaguera, Cerro Brujo, Punta Pitt on San Cristobal, Punta Suarez and Gardner Bay on Espanola, Punta Cormorant, Post Office Bay and Devil’s Crown on Floreana, Humedales, Wall of Tears, Sierra Negra on Isabela, Bartolome, Black Turtle Cove and South Plaza Island as well as the highlands of Santa Cruz. Itinerary B visits Northern & Western islands stopping at Playa Ochoa, Leon Dormido in San Cristobal, Prince Philips Steps and Darwin Bay in Genovesa, North Seymour, Bachas Beach, Darwin Station on Santa Cruz, Punta Espinoza in Fernandina, Tagus Cove, Elizabeth Bay and Urbina Bay in Isabela, Puerto Egas on Santiago, Santa Fe and Rabida Island. 

  • Cabins: 10. All cabins are outside and have individually controlled air-conditioning,  twin beds or double bed,  private bath with shower.

  • Dining: There is an open-seating dining room with one seating. The cuisine is international and Ecuadorian.

  • Dress: Totally casual.

  • Facilities and Activities: These are identical motor yachts. Eric has been converted  to hybrid energy. The renovation to green includes installation of 40 solar panels and two wind turbines on the upper deck There is a lounge with tv/vcr, and a library. Activities are snorkeling, scuba, and hiking the trails of the islands. Two sea kayaks are on each yacht. When snorkeling, you will see sea lions and marine iguanas, and the marine animals show the same lack of fear as the wildlife on land. The marine life is a mixture of cold and warm water species; 17 percent of the fish and 35 percent of the marine invertebrates are found nowhere else in the world. Recommended season for snorkeling is November to June at which time the water temperature averages about 75 degrees F, with February to April being the warmest time. Naturalist guides accompany all passengers. Designated family departures are offered over school breaks, and children get  25-50% discount.

Recent Fares Reported to Us: Cruise rates start at $3,350 per person double occupancy per week. Shorter options are sometimes available on seasonal departure dates only for a 5 or 6 night cruise. Fares include non-alcoholic beverages, shore excursions, use of wet suits, snorkeling equipment and sea kayaks, transfers between the airport and dock. Guests who book two consecutive weeks back to back are eligible for a 5 percent discount applicable any week (excluding holidays).

Passenger Capacity: 16

Itinerary:  Galapagos Islands, 7 nights, to northern islands of Wolf and Darwin.
Cabins: 8.
Dress: Totally casual.
Facilities and Activities: This vessel is dedicated to live-aboard diving.

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